LBA: Prequel demo is out!

On December 6th, Zink (from the MBN) informed us that the demo of the Prequel was finally ready for all the LBA fans to enjoy it!


"Hello all LBA and Prequel fans.

The time has come to reveal everything and end everything.

As you know, for the last few years we have been working on the LBA Prequel demo, to show you a glimpse of what the full game could become.

The demo is now finished!
You can download it from the Download page. This is the good news.

The bad news is that
the project is now officially cancelled. Yes, the Prequel will not be made. Before you start hating us, please read below about why it has to be this way."

As you have seen, good news and bad news here. The project was also cancelled ; (. To fully comprehend the decision, I encourage you to read Zink's full post. Even though the project was cancelled, a demo with new LBA content is something huge for the LBA community and you should try it out right now!


So, what's going on?

Hello guys! I welcome you to the LBA:LID Team blog. Here we are going to submit all the information of the game as possible and post progress made. I can't assure the frequency of the posts but anyway, we're busy people and giving our best shot ;). We love LBA and will make this game come true. Please browse the Gallery and other pages, leave feedback, comments, opinions, encouragement, whatever you wish! I hope you like this blog :).

In project news... we're reworking the story, and planning a new demo at Tiliar Island with all the exterior scenes of the island explorable, with the elements of the current story (no major changes I assure... well, maybe... can't tell :P) and with the reported bugs fixed. I know that after almost 3 years you should expect more but we have our lives and I have been through some complicated situations in the last years, being moving out to another country the last one of them and I'm still stabilizing myself. So please, patience and enjoy what's available as much as you can :D

Thank you so much!

The LBA:LID Team

Let's get the party started

Welcome everybody !!!

Necdilzor and me are glad to present our LID project.
Let's take a look on our pages to discover what is LID, based upon Little Big adventure games.